Corporate Donations Made To Webb Smith Jr.

As of 12/18/2014, the following companies have each made $5,000 charitable donations towards helping Webb Smith Jr. and his family pay off the medical debt that they have accumulated since his diagnosis.

Health Network


“Webb Smith Jr is nothing short of a walking, talking, smiling, embodiment of humility and selflessness. Webb is a man who was given less than a 20% chance to live up to two years in November of 2013 after receiving a diagnosis that he had stage 4 colorectal cancer. Receiving news like that will destroy most individuals spirit, and create a level of fear and panic that places survival as their top priority, and understandably so. So when we learned that Webb not only was facing his cancer diagnosis face-on with courage, determined to not give up hope, seeking out the best care possible, all while somehow managing to keep up with all of his responsibilities as a small business owner, husband, father, friend and now advocate for others facing similar circumstances, it quite literally inspired and helped influence change within this company, Health Network.

Taking things even further and showing just incredible depths of humility, Webb is completely honest about previously being opposed to the ACA prior to his diagnosis. He’s not only insistent on trying to help educate others about colorectal cancer and the differences in healthcare for the insured vs the uninsured, while currently fighting his own battle with stage 4 cancer, but he’s publicly stating that he’s a Republican who was against something because he didn’t have all of the facts about it. There are still aspects of the ACA that Webb doesn’t agree with, but he’s courageous and honest and not once has he hesitated for a moment in crediting the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Reform for helping him have a real chance at beating cancer.

Webb Smith Jr is an amazing American and Health Network was honored to be able to make a donation towards helping Webb and his family. We have recently learned that Webb plans on starting an organization which will help others affected by colorectal cancer. Health Network looks forward to helping Webb in those endeavors in any way we can in the future.”

Sean Sullivan – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Health Network Group

Health Markets


“We were very fortunate to have heard about Webb Smith Jr and his courageous efforts to bring more awareness to Americans about the difference in quality of care that exists for those who have health insurance vs those who do not. It is something that can be difficult to grasp the importance of in real life terms, unless you can put a face and a name, and a compelling story behind it. Webb’s done that, and for him to do so while he is still going through chemotherapy and preparing for additional surgeries, all while trying to manage his small business and family life, it is a selfless and admirable gesture and very rare. We reached out to and asked what we could do to help, and were thrilled to be able to make a charitable donation towards helping Webb pay off the significant medical debt he has taken on since his diagnosis. Webb and his family will be in our thoughts, and his courage and commitment to helping educate others by sharing his story will always be admired and appreciated.”

Michael Stahl – Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, HealthMarkets Inc.

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